No business is complete without a web presence in this era of technology. Even the most budding entrepreneur accepts this as a fact. A great web design, a finger on the graphic design trends and all the later news on UX designs is just the tip of the informational iceberg in this field. With such an imperative necessity for this knowledge, where does a person go to get it?
It was this question and the lack of an answer that germinated the seeds of dessinateur-illustrateur. We failed to find a single site which caters to the entire need of commercial and promotional aspects for an enterprise. Yes, we found blogs that spoke solely about graphic design trends or simply touched the basic concept of web designing. What we could find was a website that talked about it all from A to Z.
We hope to build dessinateur-illustrateur into a platform that offers information on all topics connected to business web design. Just a handful of issues we cover are:
• How to safeguard your website through copyright?
• Some creative design ideas for your official site?
• This year’s trends in graphic and web designing.
• What are the best website templates to use for your business?
While we have encompassed only part of the designing sphere right now, we anticipate to incorporate it more comprehensively in the coming time. To our faithful readers, we say do not hesitate to put in to use the many ideas, tricks, and tips on web design dessinateur-illustrateur puts forth. Always remember a lack of a website will hurt your business far more than any other marketing strategy. And a good web design can boost your trade to a level you’d hardly ever imagine!