Exciting Web Design Trends that will rule in 2019

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We have searched and explored the internet to find out the best web design trends that will be at top of the list in 2019. We have covered everything from white space to typography and colors to layers and every element in between in this blog.

White space

At present, web design is following the trend ‘less is sufficient’. It means websites are seen with simple layouts and a large amount of white space. The empty space on the web page is called white space. It is also named as negative space. White space can be utilized to isolate various sections on the pages. It helps in enhancing readability. It also makes simple for users to absorb important information.

Asymmetrical layouts and broken grid

In recent years, web designers have started to focus on planning within the set grid. The grid system assists the designers to maintain consistency and alignment throughout the design. It becomes simple for the developers to bring the website to life. But still, we are also seeing certain designers breaking outside of the traditional grid. It means designers are taking more creative liberty with their work. They develop another kind of grading on the page.
Creating an adding kind of hierarchy is completely helpful. It helps in assisting the eyes of the users. It makes them focus down the page and attract them to other important parts of the website. It permits for more unique and intriguing designs.

Usage of Organic Shapes 

Organic shape refers to shape which is uneven and irregular. It is a unique form of being imperfect. Such shapes appear to be more humanistic and hand-drawn. As they have an unusual appearance, they grab the attention of the users and gives a personal feel to the website. When it combined along with image or illustration, the images can add a good level of complexity to your website. They break up the routineness of using same squares and circles.

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