Inspirational Graphic Design Trends To Follow in 2019

Graphic Design Trends

3D Typography and Design: At present, three-dimensional work is seen all over the internet. Most of the compositions are so brief, which you cannot help but try to reach and feel them. The best part of 3D typography is it just pops and inspires you to touch and feel. There is no particular kind which works for this trend. It is possible to render any font like a script, sans-serif, skinny or bold in 3D.
Asymmetrical layouts: The dominance of Canva and Squarespace and other template designing websites offer beginners with beautiful graphical products and websites. Nowadays, designers wish to develop products that look more alive and bespoke. It is recommended to utilize asymmetrical design trend.
Since the layouts disrupt free from the predictable and rigid grid, they render more movement and kinetic energy. When you are using the asymmetrical layout on the website or in an app, it demands more attention. It gives a curious feeling to the user where the graphics and information go next and develops the feeling of interest and wonder when they check or scroll design.
Buxom serifs: The fonts are highlighting up as the illustrations are becoming lighter. It is most appropriate to Serifs. The Sans-Serifs are not going anywhere. It is predicted that Serifs will rule in 2019. In the previous year, we have witnessed and utilized certain gorgeous plump serifs which are cast metal kind. The hand-drawn and sans-serif fonts continue to remain highly visible. 2019 will be the year where diversity and range of serif fonts explode.

However, more and more brands are choosing for custom type fonts which stands out. The designers are increasingly focusing on signature serif logomark or type. It is because sans serif has been dominating for years and it is now perceived as characterless and soulless. The serif fonts are seen as smart, quirky cute and overflowing with personality.

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