2019 Trendsetters in the Art of Graphic Design

The styles that defined Design in the year 2018 was enhanced realism, involvement and everything electromagnetic. But in this blog one can find what would be the future to Design. Stepping into a new year filled with many creative possibilities, it is vital to discuss in detail the important trendsetters in Graphic Design for 2019.

Graphic Design Innovators

1. 3D Developments

We have seen years in the field of design an artwork being flat but it isn’t any more like that. 3D assists in bringing life into the design essentials. The simplest example one can compare would be the stick design of the human figure, which is a flat design to that of a 3D form where each feature of the human comes alive and real. 3D allows ones to create the complete world around giving them a whole new dimension and environment with much more life in them. To create AR and VR experiences, designers will use 3D elements to enhance web designs. The trend will not just stop with designs but will also expand into the world of typography giving an all-new 3D dimensional interface to them, which becomes an eye-catcher.

2. Power of Minimalism

“Less is more”, a simple yet strong quote that the design industry has been following in recent years. This refrain becomes, even more, a necessity for the production of pure and organized graphics that can be viewed with no compatibility issues even on smaller screens such as handphones and tablets.

It is believed that designers will follow the 70’s motivated color palette, which concentrated a lot on brighter tones and gradients. The blending of these color palette helps smoothen the duotones and also correct the fades that add more depth-enhancing the complete image and taking it to an all-new level.

Realism is the New Evolution

3. Opposites Attract

A new dimension is brought out when there is a combination of contrasting design elements. Flat with live objects will draw a completely new perspective on the way one sees the design. The appearance of solid in a disordered way brings in the element of the future when they appear in 3D. Aesthetics of the 3D element results in abstract adding more effect to all hovering and detached objects. This function is more trending in fashion and editorial photography by combining traditional photography techniques to 3D objects.

4. 3D is Extensive

3D expects genuineness and translucence for designers to get real. Thus this shift in trend will bring in more appreciated imperfection to art. Projects featuring freestyle doodles, color stains, exclusive brush strokes, and organic consistencies will be seen more in days to come. Giving designs an asymmetrical approach from the usual and most rigid, grid-based arrangement will create a good kinetic movement.

3D Renders Infinite Imagination

5. Introducing Granulation through 3D

The era of framed products is over and now is the world of free-flow. Openness to composing an amazing piece showing the bigger picture always renders a different perspective. Inclusion and deletion of many elements on and off the page create infinite designs capabilities. The capacity to open composition helps enter the viewer’s imagination leading to curiosity.

The hint of the above mentioned 3D trends can be found in web designs giving viewers an interactive digital experience and the same is expected to be spreading to projects in print too. 3D helps to compose amazing artboard with its unique techniques.

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