Autoblogging – Quality or Quantity

Quite likely the very first decisions that you are going to have to make when you build your own blog via autoblogging is whether you would like to go after the quality of content or quantity of content. This particular choice will probably provide the groundwork for many of your decisions in the future – so make sure you consider it thoroughly and realize precisely what you are choosing between when you do. In many instances, a lot of people prefer to go via the ‘quantity’ route. Which means they will invest a minimal amount of time putting together each and every blog but consequently they have the ability to create more of them. As a result, this would present you with more avenues of income. Additionally, considering that quality isn’t such a big issue, when you are using this route, all of those blogs could possibly be filled with numerous content material. Indeed, it might not constitute excellent quality, but it should be enough to supply the websites with an essential boost when it comes to traffic. Even though, you may discover that blogs that go via the quantity route alone are unable to rank very well on search engines, nor will they have a tendency to produce a great deal of traffic. On the flip side, in the event that you opt for quality, you are going to either supply your content through PLRs (and keep an eye on the quality of those), or you are going to need to monitor the quality of your incoming RSS feeds should you choose to source content articles from that option.

Naturally, this will probably be a substantial amount of extra work and so you’ll discover that creating blogs could take more time. Because of this, you may wind up with less blogs in total, however each of those blogs may produce increased traffic as well as rank better on the search engines. It’s well worth noting that blogs that concentrate on quality are much easier to sell down the road compared to those that merely opt for the quantity route. Actually, your earnings potential with blogs that target quality will probably be a great deal higher. All in all, you are likely to discover that your decision here is completely a matter of preference. In the end, will it truly make a difference if you have ten top quality blogs producing $300 per month each (for a total of $3,000) or one hundred low quality blogs making $30 per month each (for a total of $3,000 as well!). With regards to the income that you’re able to produce, you’ll realize that the end result is usually somewhat similar. If you want, you can even decide to balance quality and quantity to some extent. No matter what, you’ll want to decide immediately, simply because this particular decision will probably determine your whole approach to auto blogging. Depending on your choice, you may then start deciding on resources, selecting the software you will ultimately use, and begin your auto blogging campaigns!

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