Best Graphic Design Tools To Create The Perfect Jewellery Design

Over the years, the jewellery designing industry has gone through a major overhaul with the introduction of several design software. When it comes to choosing a particular design tool for creating exquisite jewellery designs, one has to understand that there are several 2D Design Software present in the market and each one is setup with different features. Here are a few basic concepts you need to know about before choosing design software to work with:

Different Types Of Graphic Design Software

Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw are the most commonly used 2D software in the recent times. Rhino, Matrix ad PowerShape are the forerunners in the 3D software market. Even though most of these tools offer similar features, they tend to behave differently and were created by implementing different design methodologies. Most expert jewellery designers also use more than single software to get their design perfect. Courses like Salesforce Training has been around for several years, helping jewellers with their customer relation management to coordinating different tasks among the various teams.

Some Best Professional Illustration Softwares

2D Design Software

Working on 2D design software is similar to setting up an easel and using a palette of colours and a set of paintbrushes. They work solely on bitmap images like photographs or illustrations. 2D software has been in the market since the early 80s and has evolved a lot over since its initial introduction to the world. Adobe Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro and Corel Paint are some of the top players in the 2D designing software industry. Interestingly, Gemvision Design Studio has even introduced a specific 2D software package for the jewellery industry. Newcomers are encouraged to try their hand creating jewellery designs on 2D design software as the learning curve is much simpler can make the transition to 3D design software a very easy one.

3D Design Software –  CAD Software

Any kind of CAD software is similar to having a set of fabrication tools and a wax carving kit. The user is expected to create designs that satisfy certain criteria and specifications. The final result of CAD is usually a photorealistic image or an actual physical model that is used for manufacturing. The 3D models created using CAD software enables the designer to create designs by keeping an eye on the design from different angles.

The precision levels offered by CAD software is off the chart and benefits jewellery designers a lot since the designs can have very tiny details and elements that need to be exactly precise. It also gives the designers an option to revise their design numerous times if they are not satisfied with the physical model created. Since no CAD software is good at everything, experts advise using at least two different CAD packages to complete the complex task of jewellery designing.

Besides the software mentioned above, there are several other tools available to help run a jewellery manufacturing firm smoothly. The team of experts at recommend using software that comes highly recommended as well as one that provides good customer service. In the current world of meeting deadlines, it is crucial that no obstruction pops up in the way of creating striking jewellery designs that will mesmerise your customers.

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