The Fine Nuances That Is A Part Of Creating Mind Blowing Jewellery Designs

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Art is often looked upon as a hobby by most people. Interestingly there are plenty of talented artists around us who can create beautiful visions within a few minutes. Art can take on any form and is known to be very flexible. Tattoos, illustrated drawings, watercolours, clay art, fine art, art created using computer programs, etc. all of these come under the banner of artistry. Interestingly jewellery designing is also an important part of the art industry. Many people do not realise that jewellery designs are usually created by hand.

Fine jewellery designing is a very intricate process, as it includes drawing images from many angles and needs to have a sense of balance as well as unity. Since traditional jewellery designs are symmetrical, artists tend to draw a dotted line to divide up their sketches to maintain the symmetry. Hand drawing is the fastest way that artists can create a jewellery design as sketching forms almost ninety percent of the initial conceptualization of the design. After that various tools like CAD come into the picture to fine tune the details. Even though software has come a long way in helping artists in creating lovely pieces of designs, the initial work is still done by hand.


If you are working in the jewellery designing industry, you will benefit a lot from being able to sketch as it is easier to put across your ideas visually. Demonstrating minuscule subtle details of the design is made much easier with the help of hand drawn designs rather than resorting to trying to do it verbally. Experienced jewellery designers advise the newcomers to this field to continue practising their drawing skills as it is irreplaceable in this line of work.

Inspiration for creating fine jewellery design can come from anywhere and is built upon by the artist using his or her talent. For instance, the jewellery designs at I Love Diamonds are created by dedicated artists who use everything around them to be inspired to generate impressive designs. The experts at believe that studying the past and present trends can help an artist evolve as they try to create the next trendsetter in their studio. It makes it easier to predict what will become popular in the market if you have an idea of the hits and misses of the past. Jewellery, like any other business under the fashion umbrella, comes with plenty of trendsetters each season. It can range from the traditional to the ultra-contemporary look. Designers have to stay up to date with the times to create designs which can truly take away the customer’s breath.

Interestingly, what most newcomers find difficult to grasp is that most designs undergo plenty of revisions from the initial stage. Each detail of the design is considered, discussed and fussed over before it can be finalised. This requires plenty of drawings to be made after each revision. So patience is the key to making it work in the jewellery designing industry. If you feel you have it in you to succeed in this industry, pick up your sketchpad and start sketching and follow the path that your pencils lead you to.

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