Importance of communicating the website design needs

When a business house contacts a website design company, the requirements are usually to design a website which is latest & trendy. Company wants its corporate image to shine through the website design & thus it assigns the task of working on a creative website design. However, there is a major communication gap here, because the website owner and web designers are not on the same wavelength. This is to say that the phrases like ‘creative website design’ or ‘latest & trendy website design’ could have a number of different interpretations. Typically, what happens is that the business knows what it wants to say and portray, but is not aware of the best way to put forth the message. Or there are cases where business owners are unable to understand web concepts and thus they tend to avoid much discussion over the eventual look & feel of the website. Given these circumstances, even the top web designer, will fail to deliver.

Communication gap is a major hurdle when it comes to website designing. You know what you want, but the manager who has been appointed the task of overlooking website design technicalities is a different person and the website design company is another group of people, with different thinking abilities.Find references

Website design is a creative task and it could prove difficult to actually explain the expected result. You select the color palette, but every selection could have many applications and thus it is possible the eventual look is not in sync with what you want. Thus, a way out is to look for website designs, which you feel have a look that could best explain your expectations. This finding reference exercise will just broaden your definition. For example if you ask the designer to develop a trendy website for your company and complement the requirements with links of a few websites, which you think are good enough, designer will be able to comprehend better. These reference links will serve as a minimum standard, which must be followed. Of course, the end result will be quite different & innovative, yet now both you & designer, are on the same platform. Also, the exercise will eliminate annoying technicalities. There could be a number of technical aspects in website designing, which you might not have even heard of. Now when a designer goes through the reference links, it will all be sorted.

Avoid the ‘annoying’

Loud music could be annoying to your ears and you might not want your website to play loud background music with every page. Yet because you own a club and you asked a corporate website design company to make a cool website, designer thought it would be a good idea to have background music. Nobody is at fault, yet the result is not satisfactory. This is just an example of how a good website ends up being annoying. It is therefore important that when a business website design company is hired, the requirements are clearly elaborated. If possible, provide a few web links as an example and get a creative website design made for your business.

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