Key elements one should include in each article for the web

It is amazing to discover that many webmasters still do not understand that articles are a powerful way to drive people to their web sites. Although article writing has been around for a very long time until recently it wasn’t thought of as a way to drive search engine traffic. That has changed now. Whether your niche will utilize sports articles are travel news,marketing your site with articles is sure to generate traffic for your site. Amazingly many people think that once you write an article that you’re finished. This is a misconception that has been espoused by some that really isn’t as true as it once was. While a popular article will stay highly ranked for a long time you should not rest on your laurels. Keep pumping out those articles. The more articles you have out with your embedded links the better chance you will be ranked in the search engines. But, you shouldn’t write just to be writing. While most writing adheres to certain structure, composing web articles is different, involving a few more factors than writing for paper publications.

Following are a list of key elements one should include in each article for the web:

1. Keyword density is very important, but don’t over do it. The content is still king no matter what anyone will tell you. Google and the search engines love fresh content and you get ranked favorably if you submit fresh content all the time.

2. Error free. Make sure your articles are thoroughly checked with no errors as it doesn’t look good on you if an article does appear with a lot of typos and grammatical errors.

3. Include a Resource Box. The resource box is used for your bio and a link to your website. This is the most important section of the article so don’t overlook it! These resource boxes are important as people will click these on and head to your site which drives visitors to whatever you are doing or promoting. Web site owners will go to these article directories and if they pick up your article and post it anywhere they must leave your resource box intact. This means more traffic as you are feeding off their web site traffic with that article. Articles can generate traffic so many different ways it’s a win-win situation for the article writer.

4. Quality counts. Ezine publishers are always on the lookout for great articles and submitting them to ezine publishers are always a good idea. The name of the game is getting your articles out there. Once you have the article ready to go you can submit it to article directories. Article directories are where these articles are usually submitted and in turn the search engines usually pick these up. Can’t write? You can get plr articles for your article marketing campaigns by joining a membership site such as, a newly established membership site offering 300 fresh articles each month. Private Label Rights (PLR) articles enable you to have a constant supply of fresh articles you can personalize for your needs.

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