Popular Web Design Trends to Follow in 2019


Flat Design

One of the best minimalist web design approaches is a flat design. It involves using neat and open space, clean two dimensional illustrations and bright colors. Flat design started as a new trend but it has been there for years. At present, it has developed as a customary for web design. The increased requirement of flat design is mainly due to the fast loading websites. It offers users an enjoyable browsing involvement on both the desktop and mobile.
Flat design mostly depends on simple illustrations that are fewer data hefty than websites which uses heavy visuals or large images. On the overall, it helps in fast loading time. This kind of website is mostly preferred by several users from the UX viewpoint. Reducing unnecessary ornamental parts of the design and clutter allows customers to concentrate on the major parts. It also makes simple to navigate.
Zeroqode is an app development platform. It utilizes a flat design to showcase users with a friendly and clean appearance. The utilization of bright colors helps in grabbing instant attention from users. It also helps in an easy statement about the company profile to the users.

Animated GIFs

At present, we have only a limited time to get attention from the users. Within that limited time, it is necessary to offer them what they are searching for. Animated GIFs are useful in this matter.

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