Using Adobe Illustrator For Illustration Design

Adobe Illustrator is drawing program that is used by many professional designers across the world. This vector based design program is ideal for large design workflow. This program used by the designers for making logos, posters, symbols, icons, patterns and many more.

Computer graphics can be classified into two areas – raster graphics and vector graphics. By understanding the difference between the two graphics, you would be able to create, import and edit the design perfectly.

Vector graphics are made using lines and curves, which are mathematically calculated. For example, if you want to create a bicycle tire using vector graphics, then the program uses mathematical equations to create a circle by assigning radius number and other parameters. The design created can be moved across the screen without any loss in graphics quality. One of the biggest advantages of vector graphics is that it is graphic independent means it can be printed in any size without losing the sharpness and clarity. This is the reason why vector graphics are making posters and banners.

Now let us look into some of the cool features of the illustrator. This software program allows custom viewing, so the lots of hardware space can be saved. Options like Open Type Fonts and paragraph composing allows the users to have more control over text formatting.

Illustrator features an easy-to-use interface that easily increases the productivity of the users. All the files made using illustrator are smaller in size, which can be easily mailed, shared to anyone.

Illustration design should not be confused with graphic design. Illustration design is intended to communicate the text message in the art form. Illustration designs are used for making a story board, comic books, web design, textbook illustration, fashion design and many more.

If you want to become a commercial designer, then it is good to learn using the illustrator. Knowing the use the illustrator will surely improve your job prospects. By knowing this drawing program, you can work for a company or independently as a freelancer. Now let us provide some tips for those, who are wishing to learn Adobe Illustrator.

For beginners, using the pen tool can be scary; however, this won’t help you. You should start using the pen tool, even though you don’t get it right for the first time. There are plenty of guides available on the Internet to learn how to use the Pen tool.

Beginners should quickly learn how to use the clipping masks as it will save lots of time. Pathfinder panel is one such wonderful feature that allows you create shapes from the existing shape.

Appearance fill is a cool and powerful feature that lets you fill the same shape again and again. This feature avoids the need for duplicating the image manually. This feature lets you create many shapes with less anchor points.

No matter how fantastic your final artwork is, you should save it for the web. This helps you save your work to be more scalable.

The beginners should keep in mind that learning the techniques cannot be done overnight. You need to have some patience, in addition to enthusiasm. There are plenty of tips, tutorials and guides available on the Internet. There are video tutorials available for you to learn things easily. You may also join traditional classes to learn this drawing program.

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